Monday, June 24, 2013

June 11, 2013

So these past two weeks have been awesome! The first two days of the transfer here in Kanesville we picked up 3 baptismal dates! And just yesterday we picked up another which, for those of you not so good at math, makes 4! It is so wonderful to see people that are willing to change.
The first person we taught in the area is a kid names Melvin, he is 17 years old. The day before I got to the area he met with the Elders here and told them that he went to church and seminary graduation and felt something that he has never experienced before and wants to get baptized! He is a super amazing kid. He goes to church every week and he loves it! He's already made tons of friends and I can tell that he can recognize the spirit. He is going to be baptized on the 22nd of this month.
The next two are a brother and sister in a pretty mixed family. Their step-siblings are members and so we scheduled an appointment to teach. We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on baptism and afterwards invited them to be baptized and the accepted for the 6th of July. They are pretty crazy but they have the desire to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ and it's awesome!
The last kid who we taught yesterday is 10 years old and his name is William. His dad is a member but isn't very active. We taught about the importance of Church, Prayer and Scripture reading and then taught about baptism. When we asked him if he wanted to be baptized he said, quite enthusiastically, "yes!"
It's incredible how often people feel the Spirit but don't know it's from God. When we first teach that is something we usually teach. We help them to recognize the Spirit and explain that when they get those warm, peaceful feeling it's God telling them that what they are learning is true and the steps they are taking are the correct ones. You'd be amazed to see the change in people once they recognize God's hand in their lives. It's what I love most about being a missionary. You are able to help change lives by showing them Christ's love and being that instrument of God to convey his message. I just love being out here and doing the Lord's work. There is nothing like it and time is already going by way to fast. I'm going to be home before I know it and I am not looking forward to that quite yet.

Elder Ervin