Thursday, August 29, 2013

8-27-2013 It's a Great Day in the Utah Ogden Mission

Our little slogan for our mission is “It’s a Great Day in the Utah Ogden Mission”. If you call our mission office that is the first thing you will hear! It's such a true statement though! Every day in the Utah Ogden Mission is a great one! Now why are they so great you might ask. Well; I have an answer! Every day is a great one here because I'm here! Haha, no that's not it. It's because we have the opportunity, every single day, to make a change in somebody's life. We spend all day, every day teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Teaching the one thing in this life that can make you feel actual joy. Sure there are those worldy things that make you feel temporal joy. For example, you can be rich! So rich that you have everything that you've ever wanted. All of your dreams have come true. You have an amazing spouse. A big house. All sorts of toys; cars, boats, planes, ATVs, etc. You have tons of friends, everyone loves you. You're pretty happy right? But how long will that happiness last? It will last as long as you can keep up the bills. Keep your friends happy. Your spouse happy. That doesn't sounds like happiness to me. It sounds like a job. It sounds like an enigma. Let's spend our whole lives working at work, home and even when with friends. Who would want to do that. Sure life is meant to be enjoyed, but when you take it so far that other things are being ignored then it's not true enjoyment. That happiness is not eternal, that's for sure. However, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and through His atonement our happiness can last forever! Our families can be forever! The loss of a love one is still sad. But it doesn't have to be tragic, because I know that our Heavenly Father has prepared a way for us to see them again. And that is the message we share. That is why it is always a Great Day in the Utah Ogden Mission.

A few days ago, we were walking down the street and we saw a woman outside washing her car. Now this was no ordinary woman. She was the mother of one of our recent converts, Melvin. We had been trying to meet with her for ages when she introduced us to her son. Melvin was baptized and she had a great experience there. It had been a while since we've seen her so we went over and talked to her. She mentioned how much her son had changed since he started meeting with us. We told her that that change came from the Gospel. Once you feel the Spirit and you know it's true it changes you. That's what happened to Melvin and his mother noticed it. We were able to set up a lesson with this woman who we've been trying to meet with for over 6 months! It's amazing how the Lord has a time for everyone. You never know when it will be you just have to keep trying!

Love you all,
Elder Ervin