Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 16, 2013 Life in the Utah Ogden Mission

Phew! So a lot has been going on lately! We had transfers last week and both Elder Lima and I survived, so we are still here in Kanesville. It's going to be a great six weeks! We have a lot of work going on and the members are starting to do some great work as well! We have members giving us referrals and introducing us to their friends left and right. We are going to have a real good transfer.
There is this woman, Linda, who has wanted to get baptized for months now, but she hadn't been able to come to church so the bishop didn't want her to get baptized quite yet. She was pretty down about it and said that she really needed it, so we talked to her about prayer and told her that if she were to ask the Lord then he would help her get to church. A few days later we go over to talk to her and she tells us that a lady at her work is having surgery and she will be off for 6-8 weeks and that Linda was covering her shift, which let her be off on Sunday. She was able to come to church every week while on that shift. Sadly, bishop said that it was only temporary and he didn't want her to get baptized and not be able to go to church(Those darn obstacles!) However, there is more good news. She was able to talk with her boss and work out a schedule where she would be able to get Sunday off at least once a month. The bishop texted us and said that Linda would be able to get baptized. My companion shouted for joy when he read it! When we went to go talk to Linda about it she had no idea. So when we told her that she would be able to get baptized her face lit up like a lightbulb! It was super awesome experience and it really strengthened my testimony of prayer. I know that He was watching over her and that he wanted to help. He was just waiting for her to show her faith and ask.
That is just one of the many amazing experiences I've had out here on my mission. It's truly the best thing ever to see the change in peoples lives when they accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can see it not only in their actions but in their eyes. They are just happier. You can see the joy and peace.

Elder Ervin

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