Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2nd letter

Life has been pretty good here in Syracuse. We've been doing a lot of teaching and there are a couple people that are ready for baptism! It's so cool to see the change in people's lives when they start to accept the Gospel. I can't wait to get back out there. Our area has a very large percentage of members so we teach a lot of inactive people, but there are a few who are non-members. It's pretty funny here though. There are the two sides of a coin. There are the people here that love us and always want to give us stuff and then there are so people who hate us and want absolutely nothing to do with the church. A lot of people eventually soften their hearts though and let us at least talk to them, if not teach them. Our days are real slow in the afternoons. Nobody is ever home so we do a lot of walking around, checking referrals, and talking to anyone who is home really. After dinner things pick up though. We visit a lot more people because they are actually home. We also tend to teach a lot of kids around here. I don't know why but it's just how it's been. It's like 3 of 5 people we teach/visit is a kid. I think I have a couple decent stories to tell this time so here we go! 

The other day I was on exchanges with my Zone Leader. We can upon this house that is right next to the stake center. The Relief Society President of the ward whose boundries the house is in said we should go over there. We knocked on the door and this girl(around 16,17) answered the door. We started talking to her and eventually asked if they'd like to meet with us sometime. She said that they were supposed to be the "Untouchable House" and they wanted nothing to do with us. She said that if her mom had answered the door she would have slammed it in our face. So the daughter said that they didn't want to meet with us. Ever. We asked if there was anything we could do for them and she said we could clean up their yard. We asked what time would be good and she went to ask her mom. The mom said that she didn't even want us to help them and that she going to have some other people do the work. I thought it was funny that she'd deny free work but I guess that's just how her mind works. I just thought that story was funny mainly because they called themselves untouchable. When I talked to my companion about it when I got home he said that they never go there because they hate us. It made me think that we should just keep stopping by every now and then because you never know when someone will be ready so that's what we are going to do.

Now it's time for the funniest experience ever. A member(Bro. Bond, on of the coolest guys ever :P) called us and asked if we could help him give a blessing to one of the families he hometeaches. We went over and gave a blessing to the husband and then the husband gave a blessing to the wife. After the blessing we heard the wife make a noise like she was surprised. I was thinking, "Yeah, that was a great blessing" and then I saw her staring at something. I looked over and saw a massive pile of dog puke. The dog threw up in the middle of the blessing! The dog then walked about 10 steps and threw up again! Just as we thought it couldn't get any worse he moved again and puked a third, and final, time all over the floor! But wait, there's more! Just after the dog threw up for the third time we hear a voice in the corner say "Mom, I just threw up." Her son had puked all over the place too! It was incredible! There was dog vomit and human vomit everywhere. One of their other dogs then started to eat the first pile of half-digested food. That was when Bro. Bond started getting queesy. Luckily he was able to hold it in and we got the whole mess cleaned up. We concluded that the dog was possessed and was purging evil spirits because it was so spiritual in that house. It was literally one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

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