Monday, May 13, 2013

May 7, 2013

So these past couple weeks have been pretty slow. We have had many cancelled appointments so we haven't been able to teach very much which really sucks. But there's nothing we can do about that, just keep doing our best. The Stake Presidency has been real passionate on getting the members to get us appointments rather than just tell us everyone in the neighborhood that is not a member. They are also really trying to get us some housing in the area since we live quite far outside of it.

Hopefully this next week we will have some good appointments and good lessons. We have quite a lot of people to visit and try to setup a lesson so we can only pray that those will work out. We are always trying to find new people to teach but as I've said before this area has a high majority of members so we mainly visit less actives. A lot of those who aren't members are people who just hate missionaries for reasons unknown.
On the positive side; Elder Ross and I have talked with the Stake Presidency and the High Councilman over missionary work and we've all decided that the stake needs a missionary 'reform'
We've talked a lot about how we can change things. The Stake President made an announcement in Stake Conference about how he wants us in every home in the stake! We are starting with members, teaching missionary lessons! It's awesome because you never know when someone might need the message we are sharing. Members also know their neighbors way more than we do. I am so excited for this new plan. The stake president said that he wants the wards to make 3 appointments per week for us, whether it is with non-members, less-active or members. That is 24 lessons per week! That added to the lessons we already have, we are going to be super busy. I can't wait for this next week. Hopefully by next Tuesday, I'll be able to have some really neat stories to share.

Elder Ervin

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