Sunday, April 21, 2013

Can you believe that I have been away from home for almost two months now?  Time is just flying by!
Today we found out about transfers. I am still staying in Syracuse but I am moving. We are moving to an apartment even further out of our area so that the Spanish elders, who are moving into our apartment, can live in their area. I am also going to have a new companion, Elder Ross. I don't know anything about him yet as transfers are tomorrow.
Our mission is going to be split this July. Idaho and Star Valley, Wyoming will no longer be in our mission. The mission is going to be pretty small now and any missionaries that are in the cities that we are losing will be moving to the Idaho Pocatello mission. It's pretty crazy.
Nothing really miraculous has happened these past couple weeks. This area is filled with a high majority of members(there are 4 chapels in the small, less than 2 mile area). So we mostly teach inactive members. We do, however, have a baptism this Saturday which I am pretty excited for.
Hopefully in this next transfer we can make some progress with some of the people we have been working with. We have found some new investigators this week which we hope will turn out.
So, I'm running out of time. I didn't get to write about nearly as much as I wanted. Hopefully next week we will be able to stay longer so I can write more.


Elder Ervin

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